Nadler's Bakery & Deli   1621 Babcock Rd  San Antonio,TX78229   (210) 340-1021
Nadler's Bakery & Deli
1621 Babcock Rd
San AntonioTX 78229
 (210) 340-1021

Reviews Of Nadler's Bakery & Deli

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Margaret Flores Garcia
Mar 17, 2018

Very surprised at my experience today. My cake was not ready even though I ordered it a week ago and I swear my credit card was charged before I even got off the phone. I got attitude from the employees and when I asked for them to rewrite the ribbon on my cake because it was poorly written and very sloppy they wiped off the ribbon and rewrote the message on the same ribbon!!! They then blamed the owner because apparently they’re not allowed to give anybody more than one ribbon even though you pay $40 per cake. This is definitely the last time I will ever order anything from Nadler’s. � Epic customer service failure!!!!

Bonita Babu
Mar 16, 2018

Phenomenal place! They pretty much have everything. The staff are polite and very friendly. They have cakes, cookies, wedding cakes, pastries, cards, stuffed animals, etc. They ask you what else you may possibly want and are open to suggestions. I love coming to this wonderful bakery! Thank you Nadler's!

Paul Bland
Mar 15, 2018

Great service! Denise was awesome!

Dori Summers
Mar 13, 2018

The food is good and the decorated cookies beautiful but the service is not great; it takes forever to get waited on and process a simple order.

Mary Cruz
Mar 09, 2018

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